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  The Process  

The alternatives advanced by CTDOT for the Heroes Tunnel will consider options that involve rehabilitating the existing tunnel, replacement of the tunnel, enlargement of the existing tunnel, and construction of a third barrel, or a combination thereof.

All alternatives will be analyzed and properly vetted through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA) documentation process.

The most significant option consists of a new northbound barrel along the eastern side of the tunnel with new access roadways on the approach and departure from the tunnel portals.

There are anticipated right-of-way impacts associated with proposed improvements to allow for drainage easements and temporary construction easements. The project will not extend to the CTDOT Exit 59 (Route 63/Route 69 New Haven Woodbridge) interchange project that is currently in the planning phase, and instead will begin north of the limits of the CTDOT Exit 59 project.

The estimated construction cost is $200 million, with funding coming from State and Federal sources.